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Orange County Southern California Lemon Law Attorney.

What is the Lemon Law?

The “Lemon Law” is not actually just one law, but is instead a series of state and federal laws that apply to and govern the warranties that often accompany the sale of consumer goods to the public. It is applied most often in cases that involve automobiles and other vehicles and thus is commonly referred to as the “Lemon Law”. Each state has its own set of laws applicable to warranties, and these laws uphold the rights of the purchaser or lessee of new and used automobiles in the event the vehicle involved does not operate well during the warranty period. So if your new vehicle is consistently defective (i.e., a 'lemon') despite repeated attempts by the manufacturer / dealer to repair it, then you may be entitled to a buy back or replacement of the defective vehicle. Call the Law Office of Jeffrey Kane, free of charge, to discuss any case involving a defective motor vehicle, boat, or other consumer product.

A Lemon Law attorney is probably the only one, other than you, who you can trust to look after YOUR interests. Let's face it, dealers are often the agents of the manufacturers for purposes of performing warranty repairs. Because of that fact, auto dealers may even dissuade you from 'getting rid of your lemon' by giving you inaccurate information about what facts will qualify your vehicle under the Lemon Law. They may tell you that invoking your rights under the Lemon Law is “a hassle” or “will cost you a fortune”. Both of those statements are, in almost all instances, absolutely untrue. The Law Office of Jeffrey Kane never charges a consultation fee, does not charge any up front fees to take your case, and in most cases you never pay one cent out-of-pocket for any case we handle.

Each state upholds the Lemon Law differently. For instance, some states require that at least three attempts at repairing the defective vehicle be carried out before a Lemon Law case can be filed. California Lemon Law dictates that at least four or more attempts have been made. The differences per state can be dizzying so it is best that you consult with a Lemon Law attorney. In general, the California Lemon Law applies to almost all consumer goods (cars, boats, motorcycles, televisions, appliances, electronics, etc.) that are purchased or leased, and are used “primarily” for personal, family or household use. It even applies to vehicles used primarily for business, provided that the business has less than six vehicles currently registered under its name. The federal Lemon Law, commonly referred to as the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act” provides additional coverage to products that cannot be brought under the coverage of the California Lemon Law. The best way to know if your situation falls under the pro-consumer Lemon Law is to contact a firm that practices heavily in that area. The Law Office of Jeffrey Kane is such a firm.


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